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  • Itaparica island TREKKING route (Bay of All Saints, Brazil) - Ivan Bahia Guide

    The track we will be following.

  • Itaparica island beaches along the Bay of All Saints, Brazil - Ivan Bahia Guide

    Looking for a quiet beach ?

  • Itaparica, beech view at Salvador along Bay of All Saints, Brazil - Ivan Bahia Guide

    View at Salvador, at the other side of the Bay of All Saints.

An 80 km trekking around the beaches of Itaparica

Looking for an original trekking ?

Go for this relaxed tropical island trekking. We will explore the most aphrodisiac beaches, forests and be in close contact with the local population.

At this time this page is under construction. Soon we will upgrade it with more information and some mouthwatering pictures.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to have the gps-track-list of this trekking

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