• Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - Map of Bahia in Brazil

    Bahia's location in Brazil.

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - walking in Chapada Diamantina - Vale do Capão / Brazil

    Chapada Diamantina, Vale do Capão.

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - walking in Chapada Diamantina - mount Pai Inaçio / Brazil

    Chapada Diamantina, view from Mount Pai Inacio.

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - walking in Chapada Diamantina - amazing walk sites / Brazil

    Amazing walks in the National Park.

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - aphrodisiac beach table in Bahia NE-coast in Brazil

    Want a private table on an aphrodisiac beach ? I've reserved one for you!

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - Monte Serrat Monastery, Salvador / Brazil

    Monte Serrat abbey at the Punta da Humaita.

  • Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - traditional Saveiro sailships in the Recôncavo Baiano / Brazil

    Traditional 'Saveiro' sailships.

Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - Candomblé Religioin

We offer day-tours, complete voyages, tours for photography translation service, airport transfer and private transports all-over Bahia.

Our team is available for all your (personalized) travel needs and wishes in Salvador, Chapada Diamantina and Bahia in general.
You may choose for :
- a day-tours;
- a multiple-day-tour / trekking in Chapada Diamantina;
- ALL-IN holiday packages;
- NEW : kite-buggy rental
, bring your kite and we provide you with a (big-foot) buggy for landsailing the aphrodisiac beaches of Bahia

In the next video you have a overview of all the beautiful places we can let you visit here in Bahia :

Having regular experience in accompanying (fellow) photographers you can dispose of helpful advice in choosing specific themes/locations, interacting with locals, ceremonies, etc ...

Ivan Bahia Guide, intimate Candomblé ceremonial

All our travellers can also rely on a punctual AIRPORT transfer service.

Generally we take on individuals, couples (possibly with their toddler and/or youngsters) or groups (up to 30 participants) which have our complete and undevided attention.

Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - Chapada Diamantina national Park panel

Enjoy the amazing nature in Chapada Diamantina National Park whilst walking or trekking.

Ivan's charming guides

Chapada Diamantina is a 1,520 km² large national park in the center of the State of Bahia (NE Brazil), and is also refered to as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon".
The park is located about 430 kilometers West from Salvador.
Come hiking with us and you will discover the overwhelming views of this National Park in a very different way.

Adapted to your wishes with - day-tours or trekkings - you will discover loads of amazing natural spots, at your tempo.
For those who already reserved all their hotel-nights in Salvador, or those who have really little time we develloped a NEW and EXCLUSIVE formula :
Chapada Diamantina in a flash
, a 1 day discovery tour of the National Park.
There is indeed quite some distance involved, but during that mileage you can comfortably sleep in the car and accumulate your energy for walking the hottest spots of the National Park.

Would you like ore information about this flash-visit to Chapada Diamantina ?
Please click HERE !

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Ivan Salvador & Bahia tour-guide / reis-gids - relaxing on a tropical beach

Travel safe and relaxed, to enjoy the holidays of your life.

For a year you have worked hard and now really have deserved your holidays. We will make sure you get what you've earned : a tropically relaxed and safe stay in Bahia, with no fuzz and, everything efficiently organised for you !

Have your driver available 24/7, speaking your language and providing an executive transfer-service throughout the whole of Bahia.

We are also specialized in transportation logistics for tourism, research or business all-over Bahia with a high level of efficiency, knowing to meet with any type of transportation need, in a flexible AND punctual way.

Visit our airport/hotel TRANSPORTATION PAGE now.

We are happy to welcome you, soon in Bahia.

Team Ivan Bahia Guide.

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About us

With decades of cumulative expertise in traveling we put together a small team of professionals with a sollution to every traveling-need you might have in Bahia and Chapada Diamantina National Park.
Each active partner of our team as the necessary experience and credentials (Embratur, Detran, ANTT, Agerba, ...) thus we can guarantee the best and safest possible travel-experience you deserve.

Exclusively for you we developed an exclusive and relaxing way of travelling, to discover the nicest of Bahia.

We would like to :
- take you around to the best spots in Salvador;
- teach you our cultural heritage;
- have you meet & greetof locals in their daily life ;
- let you savour exotic etno-gastronomy;
- show the best of the Chapada Diamantina park;
- keep you relaxed at the most aphrodisiac beaches.

If you wish we can host you at a fine selection of hotels or an appartment adapted to your budget.

Why use our services ?


Being efficient and flexible at all times,
we always keep your preferences in mind and adapt to your daily wishes or physical condition whenever you would like it.
Flexibility also means our day-TRIPS or ALL-IN-packs can be customized to your needs, with a guide/driver speaking fluent English, Dutch, French, German and Portuguese.
Whenever possible we will carefully avoid the typical beaten tourist tracks, like in our famous "People's tour" ... a tour where you meet every-day Soteroplitanos (inhabitants of Salvador) on the markets, in a favela, at the beach, etc.

As we work on a small scale without OUR PRICES are always VERY COMPETETIVE whilst there is no real comparable competition at the local tourist scene here in Bahia.
Travelling with Ivan Bahia Guide's team means you have a complete experience and do not have to worry about any transport, language barrier or whatever practical issue.


We will be touring with you exclusively, so you will enjoy ALL our attention and care, being available 24/7, during your whole stay here in Bahia.


Ivan Bahia Guide does have many positive reviews as a well respected tourguide. You could have a look at the TRIPADVISOR-resume - HERE - for some respectful reviews coming from your other travellers or google us.

Thanks to the hard work of our whole team and the appreciations of all our clients we have built an excellent reputation AND that keeps us thriving and loving the job ... each and every day again!

Tropical greetings from Salvador da Bahia,

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